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Donghu Guest House Shanghai is located at the intersection of Huaihai Middle Road and Donghu Road in the city center, on the north side of Donghu Road, adjacent to the bustling commercial street-Huaihai Middle Road. Line Changshu Road Station, as well as fashionable entertainment landmarks-Xintiandi and Hengshan Road, are quiet and quiet, and the environment is elegant and convenient.
Donghu Guest House Shanghai is a garden-style hotel that combines human history with modern style. Donghu Business Hotel (No. 7 Donghu Road) is a modern building with modern and exquisite lobby and guest rooms. The rooms are equipped with wired and wireless Internet access. The hotel's configuration is simple and practical.
Donghu Guest House Shanghai No. 7 has facilities such as indoor heated swimming pool, gym and sauna for guests, which is a good place for you to relax and relax. Zh
Donghu Guest House Shanghai has various supporting facilities such as Chinese restaurants, bars, multi-purpose halls, conference halls, business centers, shopping malls, IDD, DDD, FAX, beauty centers, etc. It can also host high-end business dinners, small and medium-sized conferences and wedding banquets. . The hotel's advanced management concepts and home-style services make you feel comfortable and convenient, and it is a good place for your business, tourism and leisure.
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  • Cecilia00
    Booked many times, happy all the time, location very good, belonging to the early star, select surrounded by many restaurants, good service, very happy
  • jiangbo610
    A sense of historical hotels. when unfortunately is, in the decoration of the main building only floor. must have the opportunity to stay with the main building look. can swim for free, and this one is very good. in addition, the Villa garden is well worth shopping around. pictures can also be feel
  • candywang0204
    Located in downtown location is convenient, reasonable price
  • Cliff3327
    Family live nearby, and from friends and family would arrange to stay here. Donghu hotel is located on East Lake Road and Huaihai Road, compared with the Huaihai Road adjacent to the CBD, East Lake Road, is a small, narrow street, however every day on this Street North and the cars, make her seem less important. street lined on both sides with deep, thick plane trees to people. from the long story of the street. Several villas in the original East Lake residence is designed for theCountry consular prepared of residence, mansion deep hospital was Roman around. However now you again to here see, case distinct has, Government put originally of this star diamond split has, instead is green around of street garden, this star beautiful of fine of small lung full vitality, let people breathing smooth. see with Uncle Boyle, elderly children, in twos and threes of full Park people, good warm! Donghu hotel is not only WINS in the environment, and naozhongqujing, tasteful well. staying in such an environment,Was able to get a good feel.
  • realler_lai
    Although lived in the building, but only on tall Huaihai Road and how it all feels great next to the Ka Wah Centre and world trade, only for money, not things you can't buy
  • jwy9800
    Hotel celebrity is there, new main building project, first, and building occupancy of rooms standard basic grade of cheap hotels, budget hotel not equipped with swimming pools, this pool is not small, swimming pool, annexe rooms would not comment, but everyone understands how
  • e05465780
    Very good hotel not very good location
  • replay456321
    Wifi is not too stable for several days the network wasn't working
  • amycmy
    Colleagues on business every time this
  • springmist
    For three days in a row, very convenient. room old is flawed and irreversible. but the health is in place. room placed anti-dry ear plugs, glass is soundproof double. finishing was good.
  • e01568800
    Software and hardware is good, room is too small, but more than 400 blocks in Shanghai can live such a hotel is not bad
  • bluecitygirl
    Can also be relatively worthy of praise, dining service.
  • liuxi08
    Very convenient, just 15 minutes from Line 10 subway line to walk, opposite the hotel is a bar, can go for a drink in the evening, sleep is not noisy, is a quiet place.
  • clean2100
    Good location and very close to nightlife. Many bars just outside the hotel door, which is good or bad depending on what you're looking for in Shanghai.
  • mama09
    Very nice hotel, the rooms and facilities were very clean and tidy, daily housekeeping and cleaning is very timely. hotel location is very convenient and a good experience.
  • bypasster
  • Jaegea
    Take a good choice has been a reservation. location, facilities and service are impeccable, high cost performance, corporate customers like to live here, recommended!
  • avrilma
    Convenient, nice!
  • Flying_DD
    Hotels close to Huaihai Road, next to the Metro line line Line 1 and Line 10, travel is convenient, is near the scenic spots in the city by taxi is very convenient and not as noisy, is the hotel price is a bit expensive, or a single room price!
  • liytt
    The pool was great
  • e00822516
    Very nice situation. Close to the subway. Nice restaurants and coffees around. On thing, internet is very bad.
  • Evita_mei
    Clean, cost-effective, and convenient shopping.
  • e00015452
    Room is neat and clean pillows not comfortable high close to the Mall very convenient
  • ansonyaoyao
    Here comes as 11 long room tension and booked a reservation three times before success. hotel located on East Lake Road, Doumer, Route of the old Shanghai, main building was once the mansion, it is said that Mr du had not lived, that also felt extremely honored.
  • diana781230
    City centre location, convenient transportation, is slightly noisy at night, bars smaller than
  • jiajie
    In a quiet, convenient
  • gybest110
    I often stay here and probably will again - its just the best location and value for money in the french concession. Note that this place is often photographed as the guesthouse on the front, which you dont stay in, and actually looks like a more plian hotel. The normal rooms are a little small, but workable and comfortable, and seem to have s few things like lights and aircon that are broken now. Otherwise its all good but nothing flashy - unless you stay in the big rooms which are just great.
  • meimeimeng
    Travel convenience
  • aoao311
    Hotel too noisy, music stop until midnight. insomnia stand
  • jing28
  • cuiyx001
    Large room, good health, convenience
  • delyang1580
    Oh deposit 1000 small room hair dryer has no bathroom mini
  • samni728
    Hotel is old, but good location next business trip or select here
  • beeli4
    Helping friend, says Nice
  • Diana824
    Breakfast very good, Network General
  • lilyvvv
    Facilities are a bit old now
  • afoul
    In a quiet, convenient
  • jlicr
    Here, located in the East Lake Road, is the old Shanghai Doumer, Route ... because I like old Shanghai, staying here can feel when Shanghai, particularly good. looking Doumer, Route and opposite the former mansion of the year, Mr du is said to have never lived at that time, but have a look at or feel particularly honoured. Oh, really good!
  • colin613
    It wasn't too bad
  • lily63528954
    Hotel location excellent, 5 nights, but not too happy after moving in, I booked a larger room on the third floor are small and old, especially the bathroom was small, find a better hotel to check out two days in advance.
  • Jr.vane
    - clean hotel room - friend service - located in xuhui district - swimming pool in hotel - gym facility but not sufficient for head to toe workout
  • deng9
    Good breakfast, good service, comfortable bed, great!
    Very clean the service is also very good location of the hotel is good value for money high.
  • a19938694
    East Lake, room is not large, but the location is great, just hope that Wi-Fi could improve
  • boystar007
  • gaoyf8
    In a quiet, convenient
  • percyyan
    No star rating and star rating is not at the same level in comparable!
  • feilicxboy
    Is very good, especially the traffic is very convenient, environment Shanghai, breakfast too expensive ... nice!
  • fangciec154
    Donghu hotel is the older the Garden Hotel in Shanghai, but now in the decoration of the main building, only building open. the room is a little old, facilities in General. but conveniently, night life ... a better feel for life in Shanghai style.
  • rtennfjo
    Very good place