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Shanghai Donghu (business) Hotel (Donghu Guest House Shanghai), Shanghai Donghu Business Hotel befindet sich an der Kreuzung von Huaihai Mittelstraße und Donghu Straße im Zentrum der Stadt, auf der Nordseite der Donghu Road, neben Huaihai Middle Road, eine geschäftige Geschäftsstraße. Das Hotel verfügt über bequemen Transport, in der Nähe von Shaanxi South Road Station der Linie 1 und Linie 10, Changshu Road Station der Metro Line 7, und Xintiandi und Hengshan Road, eine Mode und Unterhaltung Landmark. Es ist ruhig in der Mitte des Lärms, elegant in der Umgebung und elegant.
Shanghai Donghu (business) Hotel (Donghu Guest House Shanghai) ist ein Gartenhotel, das den kulturellen und historischen Hintergrund und die moderne Mode integriert.Donghu Business Hotel (No.7, Donghu Road) ist ein modernes Gebäude mit modernen und exquisiten Lobby- und Gästezimmern, kabelgebundenem und kabellosem Internetzugang in den Gästezimmern, einfacher und praktischer Hotelkonfiguration, die für mittlere und High-End-Geschäftsreisende, Touristen und Urlauber und Einkaufsgäste besser geeignet ist.
No. 7 Hof von Shanghai Donghu (Business) Hotel verfügt über Hallenbad, Fitnessraum, Sauna und andere Einrichtungen für Gäste, die ein guter Ort für Sie zu entspannen und zu entspannen.
Shanghai East Lake Hotel ist mit chinesischem Restaurant, Bar, Multifunktionshalle, großer und kleiner Konferenzsaal, Business Center, Einkaufszentrum, IDD, DDD, Fax, Beauty Center und anderen unterstützenden Einrichtungen ausgestattet. Es kann auch High-End-Business-Bankette, kleine und mittelgroße Meetings und Hochzeits-Bankette durchführen.Das moderne Management-Konzept des Hotels und der häusliche Service machen Sie sich komfortabler und komfortabler. Es ist eine gute Residenz für Ihr Geschäft, Tourismus und Freizeit.
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  • munaiyi6688
    Location, go out the Huaihai. around the hotel, shopping is convenient ... easy parking, room, too small, and Jinjiang about. 500 price, the location also proved to be.
  • gaowei68223688
    Very nice hotel, donghu Hotel du yuesheng mansion, very good location
  • bs0243
    Hotel location is good, room is small, outdated facilities.
  • twins608
    Very good, good location, quiet. Transportation convenience. Shopping, view was good. The price is not expensive, great.
  • elin1104
    In General, the room is too small and old
  • e01283488
    Nice necklace was recovered after the hotel, Zambia
  • m00827487
  • Cliff3327
    Family live nearby, and from friends and family would arrange to stay here. Donghu hotel is located on East Lake Road and Huaihai Road, compared with the Huaihai Road adjacent to the CBD, East Lake Road, is a small, narrow street, however every day on this Street North and the cars, make her seem less important. street lined on both sides with deep, thick plane trees to people. from the long story of the street. Several villas in the original East Lake residence is designed for theCountry consular prepared of residence, mansion deep hospital was Roman around. However now you again to here see, case distinct has, Government put originally of this star diamond split has, instead is green around of street garden, this star beautiful of fine of small lung full vitality, let people breathing smooth. see with Uncle Boyle, elderly children, in twos and threes of full Park people, good warm! Donghu hotel is not only WINS in the environment, and naozhongqujing, tasteful well. staying in such an environment,Was able to get a good feel.
  • Feng coetzer
    Another great trip to the Donghu. The standard room in the affiliated villa is small for two, please be sure that you and your spouse like each other enough before getting into this room together. Several times the hotel staff have asked me if I was sure we wanted that room. Luckily we hail from Southern California, where we were raised on a steady diet of really small houses and apartments. One thing you will need to do, if you are staying two to a room, is ask for an extra set of towels, as the smaller rooms have only one bath towel.
  • e01240927
  • L1173
    On the Huaihai Road, Subway Line 1 and Line 10, line for line, the traffic is very convenient. Surrounded by a lot of Japanese restaurants, favorite. However, the main building and annex building are two concepts. I arrived in the evening when the main building of the hotel was shocked, such a nice environment, such a high price. However, the prices of less than 400, originally only 'exiled' to building, just opposite the 6-story building on the first floor of the main building, gap!
  • dujia
    The city centre, surrounded by Nice, rooms clean and tidy!
  • antigone1204
    Staffs were friendly, helpful and efficient. The bathroom was not that clean though. The bed was okay. Facilities were a bit old. The location cannot be better.
  • ximisteffi
    This time it was with my family, they love, said location and traditional features, although the twin, but beds are large and comfortable. family holiday price super nice
  • bfbobo
    Convenient, rooms are small but nice. swimming pool great.
  • aella1983
    Poor conditions. value is not high.
  • lfewmusi
    Very suitable for business
  • apple8202001
    Also, next business trip choose.
  • momo4511
    Overall quality is good, after all, is the old hotel. service all right! will continue to check in.
  • asunwong
    I Hotel naozhongqujing, in the city center but very quiet, South Shanxi road Metro station five minutes. lobby, Chinese-style layout of rooms, old style, the next time you come to Shanghai to live here.
  • big stone
    Good location very good.
  • ejlucc
    Very old hotel, very old very old facilities. higher price. not worth the price!
  • gracecn2010
    Choice of fixed, the environment is very good
  • e02701513
    OK, this price if breakfast was good
  • feiyan2046
    Outdated facilities, rooms have a taste.
  • jjim1234
    Room small
  • caocaoli_0725
    Good service, the environment is also very good
  • aileim
    It's OK
  • bobo790222
    Room was a bit small, but very clean, service was good, bar snacks around a lot.
  • e00843056
    Which is very nice
  • e01265514
    Location, room is a bit small
  • spirit_bnu
    Pending room. Hotel naozhongqujing, good environment, good service, my friends were satisfied.
  • e05114534
    Overall good
    Deputy floor bit in Shanghai downtown regional Lake Road 7th,, opposite is is fire of forums Sichuan, around dinner, drinking, massage, shopping of shop lined, certainly away from more building high-end Office also is near, locations very convenient. Deputy floor compared like is Guest House of grade, but as clean clean, front desk service also is neatly, room within facilities complete, has line of broadband (WIFI only in main building lobby has), also has with Windows, is is single room but completely not feel small orCrowded. fitness centre in the hotel next to the Villa, very quiet, like a downtown outdoor in Taoyuan, small fitness equipment gym much, pool water is clean, or with oven ... all in all for the price of 400 Yuan is very recommended!
  • firstday
    Old hotel, lacks features, sleep, near subway, near Huaihai Road shopping district
  • elaineli
    Very nice hotel, the city also has an indoor pool (very clean)
  • caipan0817
    Elegant environment, quiet, convenient, convenient shopping.
  • dlmmtn
    Rooms are single rooms, slightly smaller, but this lot is
  • sgf2370
    So so
  • agoni_lee
    Service OK! are very enthusiastic! nice!
  • bati9jl
  • WindLi09
    Around there are many good restaurants
  • li12345678
    There are cockroaches, corpses is not a photo, wet environment can be understood, overall the hotel was renovated
  • Jane2478665
    Location very good, walking part of the way is the Huaihai Road, East Lake Road is quiet road, Huaihai Road shopping district is around, very convenient to shopping and playing! service is not good enough, others are good!
  • diandiannb
    All right
  • cyd80
    Location is good of a hotel, although and main building compared room small, but here of waiter is is Shanghai old Koehler, that Shanghai gentleman of grace full, than I in five-star hotel see of those young waiter to more has career dignity sense and intimacy. let people hit it off willing to again to. this service not once two times met Shang of, times times are can met Shang. and found recently live this hotel of foreigners also increasingly more has.
  • louguixia
    Yes, breakfast is rich enough, room was small.
  • corinett
  • jianjiaojw
    Good location, the hotel was good.
  • FIFI_512
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient meals, lodging, the environment is also good