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Civil Aviation Administration demands to ensure continuous international flights

Date: 2020-02-05

On February 4th, the official Weibo of the Consumer Affairs Management Center of the Civil Aviation Administration announced that due to the new coronavirus epidemic, demand in the international aviation market has plummeted, and some countries have implemented restrictions on the entry and exit of Chinese citizens. At present, 46 foreign airlines have announced the suspension of flights to and from mainland China. In order to meet the needs of passengers in and out of the country and international transportation of materials during special periods, the Civil Aviation Administration requires domestic airlines to cancel some flights in consideration of market demand, and in addition to the implementation of navigation restrictions by the other country, to ensure continuous navigation in the navigation country.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Transport, affected by a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, during the Spring Festival holiday period of 10 days, it is expected that the country's railways, roads, waterways and civil aviation will send a total of 190 million passengers, a decrease of nearly 73% over the same period last year. Among them, 8 million were in civil aviation, down 57%.

As of February 2nd, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia During the Spring Festival Return", requiring civil aviation units to further prepare for civil aviation prevention and control and ensure that all passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong Carry out temperature detection, uniformly report passenger information registration cards, etc., and recommend that passengers on board wear masks. The Civil Aviation Administration requires that during the epidemic prevention and control period, in addition to conducting passenger body temperature tests in accordance with local government requirements, all transportation airports should also ensure that all incoming and outgoing passengers undergo body temperature tests to ensure that they are fully investigated. For hot passengers, timely discovery, timely reporting and timely disposal are required. All transportation airlines should strengthen the collection of passenger information on domestic flights, uniformly fill in passenger information registration cards, and apply for the health declaration of international flights in accordance with relevant requirements for entry-exit inspection and quarantine.